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Kooqi Jewellery About Us

Our name Kooqi is derived from the American beatnik slang "kooky", which is possibly a shortening of the word cuckoo! It means different and quirky and at Kooqi Jewellery we definitely like to be a little bit different (in a good way!). Because of this you will find our site stocked with bold, colourful jewellery made from beautiful materials such as sterling silver, Murano glass and semi-precious gemstones.

Our company started in Cheshire in 2007 with sterling silver jewellery. Our brand expanded and grew into what is now Kooqi Jewellery. Have a look around and see what you like! If there is anything that you would like us to stock let us know, we are always looking for new ideas and we would love to hear from you.

All shipping is FREE on Kooqi Jewellery! You pay nothing more than the price of the jewellery, and this includes any gift boxes and bags. ALL our jewellery is delivered with premium gift boxes and usually gift bags as well! Our Italian jewellery is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming it is handmade in Venice, Italy.

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Kooqi Jewellery
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